The Types of Clash Royale Hack Android Tools

Many people are trying to find Clash Royale hack Android tools. There are many Android users who play Clash Royale in their device. This game is very popular and addictive. Surely you will get addicted by this game. The game offers something interesting and challenging for you. The game was made based on famous novel and TV show “Game of Thrones”. Just like the novel and the TV show, it’s a strategy game where you should win a battle with your opponent by building settlement, finding resources, and building your army. It will not be easy for you to win the battle in this game because you will need a good strategy.

Some Android users try to win this game in instant using Clash Royale hack Android tools. Basically there are two versions of hack tools that can be used to hack this game, the online hack tools and installed hack tools. The online hack tools can be run from outside of your Android device. It means that you don’t have to install any APK into your Android device. You just need to find any websites that give you the online hack tools. You just simply need to input your username in the online hack tools. Then, you can set the amount of gold, food, and wood that you want to get. The online hack tools will try to hack the server of the game to give you the amount of resources as many as you want.

The second type of Clash Royale hack Android tool is the installed version. In this hack tool version, you need to install the APK into your Android device. It can be the hack tool of APK or the game APK that has been modified. If you are installing the hack tool APK, you will need to launch the installed APK before you open the game. Just like the online version of hack tool, you need to input your username and the number of gold, food, and wood that you want to get. Then, try to open the game and look whether the hack tool is working or not.

If you are using the modified version APK of the game, you need to install it and remove your normal APK of the game. Then, just run the modified game of Clash Royale hack android tool to get unlimited resources.

Episodic Game of Hitman

Hitman has been a popular name without telling everyone about it. Hitman is a person who is actually an agent who is mostly asked to kill and get rid of someone that will become an obstacle in the future. This game is actually an episodic game where people will find the next episode and more and so on. It also asks you to be more creative during the ame by using your own method in finishing the mission. Find the complete review here.




The Review of Hitman

Hitman is made after the decision of divide the whole game to be partly. The first episode of the game will only introduce all the casts and open the game with the first case to finish. In fact, as we have already known that at the ending of the game, it will never show the specific ending because there are still the second, the third, the forth, and so on. Thus, it can be a huge disappointment because people do not get the detail plot of the whole game. There would only be some mysteries without the exact and precise answers.

You, as the players, will focus on the way that you have in mind to gain a lot of the relevant information to murder one or two main targets that you have. It would be much better if you kill them without violence. After murdering the targets, you will choose which way to go after the missions have been completed. Unfortunately, the impression that is offered in the first episode will not be as same as what had been estimated before. Indeed, the crowd looks much more detail and the players will have bigger room while playing. In fact, the content itself does not provide the satisfying points.

In conclusion, here wat the plus points and the minus points of Hitman that you can notice before buying, of course. The plus points are that the players might enjoy some ways that they have in mind to murder the targets and the wide space to explore. The players can also replay the same mission for trying other kinds of way to finish the mission. Meanwhile the minus points of this game are about its minimalist content and unsignificant visual improvement. Both the offline and online mode are separated and the contract mode always happens at the same area. If you want to have your own tricks in doing the mission, you can try Hitman.

Boom Beach Hack: 4 Simple Techniques

Here are 4 simple Boom Beach hack for all players. Remember that you can try these tricks easily through your phone. Moreover, it does not require any links or apk.


hack tool boom beach

Boom Beach Hack Move Later

Common mistake of Boom Beach player is when they are too busy to move their building. This is absolutely wasteful activity. For your information, you can move any building in Boom Beach game whenever you want. The players may adapt the old or traditional strategy games especially in computer probably. You can use your time to create other building instead moving the current building. To do this, you just tap on the building that you want to move. Drag and drop them onto available area on the map. That is all. Moving building is a common strategy to avoid enemies reaching the base.

Attackers First

Do not waste your time to create and upgrade building, it is important to you upgrading the attackers first like gunboats or landing crafts. For your information, it will make your troops larger and faster in attacking enemy’s base. In the end, you can take an island faster. Please be wisely to use your gold. Besides upgrading unnecessary building and crating more troops, those two building are the most important. You can gain more resources easily by taking down enemy’s base. You create better attack and fight obviously. It is worthier than you just upgrade your current troops. One more important thing is the landing crafts. Let us go next to third Boom Beach hack.

Ammo Flare

You can take an advantage from the ammo flare and it is our important Boom Beach hack today. For your information, it will help you to destroy other building near the enemy’s base. It is your additional artillery for sure. You can get the ammo for your gunboat. After you blew some buildings, the ammo regenerates the gunboat’s artillery. Once you get the ammo, you just directly use it as your additional damage. Make sure that you use it wisely too because the next ammo won’t be added on the next attack surely.


The last trick to do is by increasing the vault. If you are new players, it seems unnecessary for you. However, vault is a tough defense against enemy’s attack. It adds more protections to your base. The better vault requires more gold and lumbers either. You need to rebuild your vault for next defense from enemies. That is why you have to increase your vault to avoid critical attack from computers or players. We thought that it is all of our Boom Beach hack for today.

Clash Royale Triche Tutorials and Guidance


Clash Royale Triche Tutorials have been some essential parts of the Clash Royale international players. Believe it or not, they do not think about the warranty, the risk of any kinds of damages, and so on. Even they are willing to seek some kinds of triche tutorials, guidance, and also the applications which can be downloaded right from their mobile devices or desktop. The steps of installing the application along with the tutorials have been made as simple as possible. Can the beginners follow these steps without any helps from a friend? Obviously, the users can follow the guidance by themselves to be successful.

Clash Royale Triche Tutorials: Why Not?

Clash Royale Triche Tutorials can be the one to rely on when you have been totally annoyed and fed up with your current game with the same level. I can understand clearly about what you do feel. Looking the solution for the same thing can end up being lost in the cyber world without getting the right solution for your Clash Royale. That is why the idea of following this tutorial will be a great way. Yes, game has been the addiction of the people that the world has considered it as a fact. Most of the people prefer to have less sleep so that they can have more time for playing.

That is why probably when they heard the tutorials for their popular games, Clash Royale, they tend to have no sleep at all in order to get the right link for the game. What could those available links for? Those links might be available for downloading the game, downloading the tutorials, giving some guidance for installing the game, and also showing some steps on how to use it, and so on and on. Well, it might be unable to tell you one by one here without checking it by yourself.

Clash Royale Triche Tutorials contain the tips, tricks, the cheat, and all the guidance that is needed either for children to adults or from the beginner to experts. It feels like the complete package that is needed without giving your money to them or without breaking your mobile devices. This might be what you have been waiting for most of your life. this is the great idea for all of you to try or this kind of opportunity will never come twice for you. Check them out in Clash Royale Triche Tutorials.

American Truck Simulator Gameplay Review

American Truck Simulator

American Truck Simulator gameplay can be a good choice for you to start your truck driving training. This game was released on February 2nd, 2016 by SCS Software for PC. Have you ever played Euro Truck Simulator? This game is similar with it. In Euro Truck Simulator, the setting take place in south coast England. You will also enjoy the radio station during your truck driving and enjoying the beautiful scenery with familiar roads, weather, sounds. It’s very comfortable truck driving. So, in American Truck Simulator gameplay you will find the same experiences of truck driving with different setting.

The setting of American Truck Simulator gameplay takes place in the roads between the San Fernando Valley and LAX. You can enjoy the sun bleached highways alongside the roads. What a beautiful and comfortable scenery. Maybe we can say that this game is the straighter stretches of highway version of Euro Truck Simulator 2. In Euro Truck Simulator 2, you have a role as a truck driver that taking contract jobs from other companies. The companies ask you to drive and deliver something from A to B. The best part is that you can upgrade your truck. To make the upgrade process faster, take more high risk jobs.

American Truck Simulator gameplay has the same playing way like Euro Truck Simulator. You will work as a truck driver and taking jobs from other companies to help them in delivering their stuffs. Taking high-risk job to make your truck better by upgrading it. The setting take place in drizzly motorways and small winding towns for huge American highways and cities that you can drive through in an almost entirely straight line. You should focus during the driving. Pay attention to the fuel condition, how awake your driver is, and if any cargo has been destroyed. You should avoid any damage of your truck.

To control the truck, you will have many options. You can change the camera view using mouse and the truck with your keyboard. There are also various customizable layouts to help you get full driving wheel setup. In this modern era, you can use a virtual reality headset to get more realistic experiences in driving your truck. Playing American Truck Simulator gameplay is so enjoyable and fun. You can spend up to 20 hours in the weekend enjoying the truck driving. Upgrade your truck to get better driving experiences while enjoying the beautiful scenery of American highways.

4 Best Simcity Buildit Hack Trick And Tips 100% work

SimCity Buildit Tips

Today, we are very lucky to show you some Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips for you all gamers in the world especially smartphone users. This game has been popular until now 2016 on the app stores. Of course, people are sick to find out the tips and tricks of this game these days.

Good repair on building

One of the important parts in this game is how to keep the building in good repair because it will be working all the time when you do it. Repairing the building is our first tips and tricks today. Of course, we always want to make our vital building keep working right? With some repairs and notice when they have trouble, we believe your city or town is on the good progress. If you have many Simoleons please upgrades them immediately because without these vital building your city will never improve the citizen.

Keep dealing

The next one of Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips is keep dealing. It means that you must have a good eye to find and search coins icon. Just tap the coin and you will some deal offerings around it. This is the best way to make you have sufficient Simeleons. As long as you clear all the deals, we believe that your city is secure from any trouble. Moreover, the gold in return of the deals makes yourself be able to manage your city better. It can be traded with other materials if you want.

Keep them happy

One of the fastest ways to upgrade the building is by keeping your residences happy. Materials are important to upgrade the building. The Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips of getting the material is seeing the icon of your residence. Keep an eye on their feeling because when you tap the bubble it will give you special item sometimes. SO, by keeping their happiness in the right way can be the best way to upgrade your building. In other words, you are caring your residence and giving them what they want, right? This always works when you are running out Simoleons or Simcash.


Last but not least, planning is the last tip for today. You cannot place or choose building and area carelessly in this game because it will give the impact in the future. With some plans, you can manage your city properly. For example, keep in mind that industrial section should consists of some companies and factories. If you have wrong location, we are sure your residence will be unhappy for that. That is all of Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips today.

XCOM 2 Story Line Offers More Offensive Game


The XCOM 2 story line will be more offensive than the 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The basic of the games is still about the fight for humanity survival. We should train our soldiers very well before we drop them in the battle. It’s very important for you to be serious in playing this game because the humanity faith laid in your hand. You cannot fail in your survival against the Advent, the aliens that ruined the earth for 20 years. Forget about the previous game that was focused in defending. In XCOM 2, you be more offensive and aggressive to destroy the enemy.

You will find many new formulas in XCOM 2 story line. Before you encounter the alien face to face in battle, you should build your army, find new technologies that will be used by your army in the missions. The focus of the mission is about sabotaging the Advent’s operation. You will not focus on destroying and killing the aliens. You need to hijack their supply trains and also sabotage their communication to make sure that their plan to destroy human is fail. In every mission, you will feel that the gameplay and the narrative story line tie in such amazing way that make every mission is so important and critical.

The main mission in XCOM 2 is very different from the previous version of the game. You have to sneak into the enemy or attack their patrols. XCOM 2 story line offers new procedural map and objective generation each time you leave the dropship. You should defend your rooftops and sneak in many different ways for each campaign. The dynamic mission in this game will make sure that you will not bored when playing this game. When playing this game, you will get under pressure feeling because you have limited time to finish each mission before the aliens get escaped. There are many things to be considered when you have to finish the mission and keep your squad alive.

It can be said that XCOM 2 is a war game, but it’s also a strategy game. The XCOM 2 story line need your critical thinking in building your army, making the strategy and completing the mission. As a new AAA game, you will find the visual of this game is amazing. The sound is also great. You can feel the atmosphere of real aliens’ battle through the sound. You should focus to able to finish XCOM 2 story line successfully.

Subway Surfers Hack Cheats 2016 for all devices without Root and Jailbreak anymore

Before you download our Subway Surfers hack cheats 2016, it will be better if you know the features of this hack firstly. As other cheats, this hack provides all players with unlimited coins. What does the function of coins? Subway Surfers really needs coins to lengthen the game and increase the scores. The next feature is to give unlimited keys. As same as coins, keys are also important to unlock something such as boards and characters. However, this hack also provides all boards and all characters too. So, you do not need to buy characters and board anymore. All features are included only in one hack tool. If you found another file, please do not use it.

subway surfers play

Another question for our Subway Surfers hack cheats 2016 is that how long this hack will work? This is the newest tool that is released by our team. In other words, it will work on the current patch of Subway Surfers only. If there is a new patch, we will give you the new hack tool. So, always stay tune on this website in case the developer has patched their Subway Surfers. For your information, patching a game is important to close the bugs and glitches. Meanwhile, we hack this game by using those bugs and glitches.

For your information, the Subway Surfers game will make us frustration because it’s endless running gameplay. We have to avoid and dodge everything which resists our running activity. Furthermore, the inspector and his dog always follow us on the back. Consequently, the chance to win the game is very small. But, our Subway Surfers hack cheats 2016 will help you to make the chance bigger and bigger. We do not have to collect the coins anymore because the coins are unlimited, thanks to the hack system by our team.

This game has so many players due its addictive gameplay and system. All platforms are available for this game starting from Android until iOS devices. Regardless with those mobile platforms, our hack tool will work properly. The key point is you can play the game and you can also use our hack without any problem. Although the platforms are different, it does not mean we cannot trick the game system. All hack tools are still working until now. Do not be late to try it on your smartphone because our system will be overloaded sometimes. Just try it by yourself and feel the unlimited coins from our Subway Surfers hack cheats 2016.

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation is now on Non-Wipe Beta Test

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation can satisfy your curiosity to face against monsters if you play this game nowadays. However, this game is still on the Non-Wipe Beta test now officially announced by its publisher, Tencent Games. Monster Hunter is a game which requires the players to farm their characters and fight against other players or monster to level up. There are two games available now which carrying Monster Hunter as their main-theme, Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter Online. However, those games are only available with particular languages which resist some multi-language gamers to play the game. Then, Tencent Games are interested to publish another Monster Hunter game which is entitled asMezeporta Reclamation.

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation

For your information, Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation is developed by one of biggest game developers ever, Capcom. Then, it will be published by Tencent Games exclusively on China. This is the spinoff version of other Monster Hunter games before. Unlikely, we can play this game without any installation on our PC because it is web-based game or browser game. As usual, there are many unique elements represented on this game including Monster Hunter’s special monsters. In this case, the players are treated as the guild leader. They must be support and help their guild’s members to hunt and level up their characters. We will see special or iconic monster such as Conglala and friends here.

Although the Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation still use turn-base gameplay, it does not mean the developer did not give the players unique or special gameplay. At this beta test, there is a different gameplay called as Destroy Parts where the players are able to gain special materials or items by clashing another parts of monsters’ body. For example, we can attack the Conglala’s head. When the Conglala died, we have an opportunity to gain precious items or unusual stuff with normal attack on their body.

Those kinds of gameplay bring another gaming experience for the action MMORPG players. Moreover, the chance to get unusual items is promising in this beta test. Perhaps, this is one of the marketing strategies from Capcom and Tencent Games in order to attract more players to play the game obviously. Although there is no new gameplay, this game is very worthy to played or tested by action gamers because the monsters are unique and attractive. You won’t be bored with the 3D graphics which offered by Capcom on the Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation game.


Gods of Rome as the last gift from Gameloft in 2015

Gods of Rome

Gameloft gives us Gods of Rome as the last gift in 2015 ago. They have released this game for smartphone users, Android and iOs, on the earlier of December last year. The genre of this game is fighting. If you look for popular games in app store, you must be seen this game on the top rank. Luckily, we will review this game for all smartphone gamers today. This game is always compared with Injustice: Gods Among Us because the fighting genre is on fire these days. This gameplay has been attracting all gamers in the world especially for multiplayer mode that very addictive and interesting.

Because of that reason, Gameloft want to try fighting gameplay as their last gift for their customers on iOs and Android users. Actually, there are two games which successfully reach the market. They are Marvel Contest of Champions and Injustice: God Among Us. But, this developer gives different background and story obviously. Gods of Rome applies the story from Rome dynasty. It consists of gods and heroes who declaring wars at the moment. For example, you can play as Zeus, Apollo and many more through the game. Moreover, you can play as The Great Alexander either. It means that this game provides many characters which are interesting to be played.

The Gods of Rome offers Android and ioSgamers epic wars between the Gods and Heroes in Rome dynasty. The goal of this game is only one. It is to spread out peace and justice without mercy. We are sure you will have attractive gaming-experience via fighting gameplay because there are many features such as PvP mode, daily challenges and mythical gifts. All of their souls are called once again into the Earth and then you must control them to reach our goal. This game has 3D next generation graphics which will relax your eyes. Although you will be limited by your smartphone’s screen, you will have a full screen gameplay during the game.

You are able to manage the stats of your gods and call some monsters through the gameplay. The backgrounds are adapting memorable places of Rome Empire such as Olympus, Coliseum, Pompeii and many more which available from the beginning. After playing this game for a moment, we feel satisfied because we are able to see the special effect from the characters that are used. Moreover, fighting gameplay will never make us bored to play Gods of Rome for all day long.