4 Best Simcity Buildit Hack Trick And Tips 100% work

SimCity Buildit Tips

Today, we are very lucky to show you some Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips for you all gamers in the world especially smartphone users. This game has been popular until now 2016 on the app stores. Of course, people are sick to find out the tips and tricks of this game these days.

Good repair on building

One of the important parts in this game is how to keep the building in good repair because it will be working all the time when you do it. Repairing the building is our first tips and tricks today. Of course, we always want to make our vital building keep working right? With some repairs and notice when they have trouble, we believe your city or town is on the good progress. If you have many Simoleons please upgrades them immediately because without these vital building your city will never improve the citizen.

Keep dealing

The next one of Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips is keep dealing. It means that you must have a good eye to find and search coins icon. Just tap the coin and you will some deal offerings around it. This is the best way to make you have sufficient Simeleons. As long as you clear all the deals, we believe that your city is secure from any trouble. Moreover, the gold in return of the deals makes yourself be able to manage your city better. It can be traded with other materials if you want.

Keep them happy

One of the fastest ways to upgrade the building is by keeping your residences happy. Materials are important to upgrade the building. The Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips of getting the material is seeing the icon of your residence. Keep an eye on their feeling because when you tap the bubble it will give you special item sometimes. SO, by keeping their happiness in the right way can be the best way to upgrade your building. In other words, you are caring your residence and giving them what they want, right? This always works when you are running out Simoleons or Simcash.


Last but not least, planning is the last tip for today. You cannot place or choose building and area carelessly in this game because it will give the impact in the future. With some plans, you can manage your city properly. For example, keep in mind that industrial section should consists of some companies and factories. If you have wrong location, we are sure your residence will be unhappy for that. That is all of Simcity Buildit hack trick and tips today.