Boom Beach Hack: 4 Simple Techniques

Here are 4 simple Boom Beach hack for all players. Remember that you can try these tricks easily through your phone. Moreover, it does not require any links or apk.


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Boom Beach Hack Move Later

Common mistake of Boom Beach player is when they are too busy to move their building. This is absolutely wasteful activity. For your information, you can move any building in Boom Beach game whenever you want. The players may adapt the old or traditional strategy games especially in computer probably. You can use your time to create other building instead moving the current building. To do this, you just tap on the building that you want to move. Drag and drop them onto available area on the map. That is all. Moving building is a common strategy to avoid enemies reaching the base.

Attackers First

Do not waste your time to create and upgrade building, it is important to you upgrading the attackers first like gunboats or landing crafts. For your information, it will make your troops larger and faster in attacking enemy’s base. In the end, you can take an island faster. Please be wisely to use your gold. Besides upgrading unnecessary building and crating more troops, those two building are the most important. You can gain more resources easily by taking down enemy’s base. You create better attack and fight obviously. It is worthier than you just upgrade your current troops. One more important thing is the landing crafts. Let us go next to third Boom Beach hack.

Ammo Flare

You can take an advantage from the ammo flare and it is our important Boom Beach hack today. For your information, it will help you to destroy other building near the enemy’s base. It is your additional artillery for sure. You can get the ammo for your gunboat. After you blew some buildings, the ammo regenerates the gunboat’s artillery. Once you get the ammo, you just directly use it as your additional damage. Make sure that you use it wisely too because the next ammo won’t be added on the next attack surely.


The last trick to do is by increasing the vault. If you are new players, it seems unnecessary for you. However, vault is a tough defense against enemy’s attack. It adds more protections to your base. The better vault requires more gold and lumbers either. You need to rebuild your vault for next defense from enemies. That is why you have to increase your vault to avoid critical attack from computers or players. We thought that it is all of our Boom Beach hack for today.