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Airborne Animals: the New Flying Robot

Airborne animals are flight adaptations that will help a couple of scientists in order to design flying robots from soaring without a sound, sleeping midflight, to navigating turbulence. Airborne animals have been explained in the 18 new studies that have been published only December 15 in the Journal Interface Focus. Even though people have been creating these flying machines since a long time ago, these new studies have said that there is a lot of things that can be learned from looking closely at how bats, insects, and birds take flight, maneuver to safe landings and keep themselves aloft.

Flying drones are gained their popularity in the world. They are applied in order to snap selfies, to photograph from above and even deliver packages when Amazon succeeded to send its first commercial delivery by drone in Cambridge on December 7 in the United Kingdom. According to experts, it is not easy to improve hoe these airborne animals fly. Luckily, there are a couple of flying animals which has been inspired by many scientists. There are more than 10,000 species of birds, more than 1 million insect species, and 4,000 species of bats that have evolved more than millions of years to take to the air by spreading their wings. And many experts said that the flight adaptation of these species have not been studied before.

Meanwhile, scientists have been working on it because the demand for maneuverable and small flying robots have been grown which can perform a couple of tasks. There are a lot of researchers that have investigated a couple of questions about animal aerodynamics and biology. For instance a lot of scientists explored the ability of owls to fly that could muffle noise which is finding that the large wing size of the animals and the shape, texture and feature fringes that have been strategically places all work together in order to help owls soundlessly glide.

There are also a couple of researchers questioned about how frigate birds could sleep while they do long migrations. The first recordings have been collected by scientists about flight brain activity for these birds. They also have discovered that the animals can rest both brain hemispheres in the same time.

A couple of scientists wondered how fruit flies can stay aloft even they got their wings damaged. They also learn about the insects that have been compensated about the

Technology That Changes Fashion Industry


The technology in fashion industry has become the trends nowadays. A lot of retailers use ecommerce retailing in order to sell their products by creating online shop that offers effective delivery service. Next two years, there are a couple of spots where technology will make you easier to have online conversations and discovery. For consumers, it is easier for them to use technology in order to get many inspirations to buy your stuff. For those of you who are looking for a lovely handbag for your party, you will find it easily by using technology. You can also find a couple of items that suitable for your budget. These are a couple of things that you have to consider.

Visual Search

Technology in fashion that many people usually use is computer, but this type of tech is going mainstream because a couple of stores use this thing such as Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s and a couple of others by using visual search in their websites and applications. In order to find a couple of similar items, visual search uses proportions, size, shape, and colour. It offers a benefit if compared to keyword-matched search because the result is very perfect as the ability of the searcher can describe the item.

Software Tools to Measure Your Body

Product returns are one of the problems that will be faced by the online retailers. There are a couple of tools that can be used in order to measure size such as 3D body scanners, Virtual fitting rooms and much more. A couple of software tools that can help you to compare sizes from many brands, sizing them and creating avatars are a couple of methods that are being used by many e-commerce players.

Machine Learning

The technology in fashion is very important in order to predict and anticipate the items that many shopper look for. This can be happened only by using the brand new technology intelligence and machine learning. There are a couple of companies that are moving away from applying simple statistical analysis of historic data and are applying artificial intelligence, particularly computer vision and deep learning in order to study characterized testes and expect and personalize recommendations on the personal level. So, technology in fashion is very crucial for those of you who want to find the items that you are looking for. It will make you easier in order to find that suitable for your budget.