Doom 4 Best Weapons

doom 4 weapons

Doom 4 is the type of game that will bring all of strong demonic squads in your direction and you have to fill your arsenal with best weaponry in order to fight these squads. This article comes with list of a couple of best weapons which are available in this Doom 4 game.


In Doom 4, pistol is the weakest weapon, but it is better for you to use pistol in order to fight the enemies by using your hands. The most important thing is that pistol comes with unlimited ammunition, so whenever you out of your ammunition, you can reload it and you can stay in the combat and do not have to worry about distraction that come from your enemies.

Assault Rifle

Assault rifle is one of the weapons that will be used from the beginning of this game. Even though this weapon will not kill your enemy easily like a couple of other weapon on the list, but this machine gun is still very useful particularly when it is the perfect time for you to aim your enemy with the sight. This weapon also comes with amount of range if you want to shoot your enemy from a safe distance.

Combat Shotgun

Combat shotgun may not be as cool as Super Shotgun, but there is a benefit that you can get from this shotgun which is this shotgun has faster firing rate and then you can also stroke 20 shells at a time. The most important thing is that you will not run out your ammunition very quick like in a couple of other games and they can be pumped out much faster if you are busy. It can also be modified by using attachment of Charge Burst in order to shoot three shots in a row.

Super Shotgun

For those of you who like to kill enemy soldier with a single shot, the Super Shotgun is the perfect weapon that you can use. This shotgun has powerful firing capability and also this weapon can be modified in order to increase the capacity of spread which is possible for you to shoot more than one enemy at one time if your enemy gets too close. The only drawback that