Episodic Game of Hitman

Hitman has been a popular name without telling everyone about it. Hitman is a person who is actually an agent who is mostly asked to kill and get rid of someone that will become an obstacle in the future. This game is actually an episodic game where people will find the next episode and more and so on. It also asks you to be more creative during the ame by using your own method in finishing the mission. Find the complete review here.




The Review of Hitman

Hitman is made after the decision of divide the whole game to be partly. The first episode of the game will only introduce all the casts and open the game with the first case to finish. In fact, as we have already known that at the ending of the game, it will never show the specific ending because there are still the second, the third, the forth, and so on. Thus, it can be a huge disappointment because people do not get the detail plot of the whole game. There would only be some mysteries without the exact and precise answers.

You, as the players, will focus on the way that you have in mind to gain a lot of the relevant information to murder one or two main targets that you have. It would be much better if you kill them without violence. After murdering the targets, you will choose which way to go after the missions have been completed. Unfortunately, the impression that is offered in the first episode will not be as same as what had been estimated before. Indeed, the crowd looks much more detail and the players will have bigger room while playing. In fact, the content itself does not provide the satisfying points.

In conclusion, here wat the plus points and the minus points of Hitman that you can notice before buying, of course. The plus points are that the players might enjoy some ways that they have in mind to murder the targets and the wide space to explore. The players can also replay the same mission for trying other kinds of way to finish the mission. Meanwhile the minus points of this game are about its minimalist content and unsignificant visual improvement. Both the offline and online mode are separated and the contract mode always happens at the same area. If you want to have your own tricks in doing the mission, you can try Hitman.