Gods of Rome as the last gift from Gameloft in 2015

Gods of Rome

Gameloft gives us Gods of Rome as the last gift in 2015 ago. They have released this game for smartphone users, Android and iOs, on the earlier of December last year. The genre of this game is fighting. If you look for popular games in app store, you must be seen this game on the top rank. Luckily, we will review this game for all smartphone gamers today. This game is always compared with Injustice: Gods Among Us because the fighting genre is on fire these days. This gameplay has been attracting all gamers in the world especially for multiplayer mode that very addictive and interesting.

Because of that reason, Gameloft want to try fighting gameplay as their last gift for their customers on iOs and Android users. Actually, there are two games which successfully reach the market. They are Marvel Contest of Champions and Injustice: God Among Us. But, this developer gives different background and story obviously. Gods of Rome applies the story from Rome dynasty. It consists of gods and heroes who declaring wars at the moment. For example, you can play as Zeus, Apollo and many more through the game. Moreover, you can play as The Great Alexander either. It means that this game provides many characters which are interesting to be played.

The Gods of Rome offers Android and ioSgamers epic wars between the Gods and Heroes in Rome dynasty. The goal of this game is only one. It is to spread out peace and justice without mercy. We are sure you will have attractive gaming-experience via fighting gameplay because there are many features such as PvP mode, daily challenges and mythical gifts. All of their souls are called once again into the Earth and then you must control them to reach our goal. This game has 3D next generation graphics which will relax your eyes. Although you will be limited by your smartphone’s screen, you will have a full screen gameplay during the game.

You are able to manage the stats of your gods and call some monsters through the gameplay. The backgrounds are adapting memorable places of Rome Empire such as Olympus, Coliseum, Pompeii and many more which available from the beginning. After playing this game for a moment, we feel satisfied because we are able to see the special effect from the characters that are used. Moreover, fighting gameplay will never make us bored to play Gods of Rome for all day long.