Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation is now on Non-Wipe Beta Test

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation can satisfy your curiosity to face against monsters if you play this game nowadays. However, this game is still on the Non-Wipe Beta test now officially announced by its publisher, Tencent Games. Monster Hunter is a game which requires the players to farm their characters and fight against other players or monster to level up. There are two games available now which carrying Monster Hunter as their main-theme, Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter Online. However, those games are only available with particular languages which resist some multi-language gamers to play the game. Then, Tencent Games are interested to publish another Monster Hunter game which is entitled asMezeporta Reclamation.

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation

For your information, Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation is developed by one of biggest game developers ever, Capcom. Then, it will be published by Tencent Games exclusively on China. This is the spinoff version of other Monster Hunter games before. Unlikely, we can play this game without any installation on our PC because it is web-based game or browser game. As usual, there are many unique elements represented on this game including Monster Hunter’s special monsters. In this case, the players are treated as the guild leader. They must be support and help their guild’s members to hunt and level up their characters. We will see special or iconic monster such as Conglala and friends here.

Although the Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation still use turn-base gameplay, it does not mean the developer did not give the players unique or special gameplay. At this beta test, there is a different gameplay called as Destroy Parts where the players are able to gain special materials or items by clashing another parts of monsters’ body. For example, we can attack the Conglala’s head. When the Conglala died, we have an opportunity to gain precious items or unusual stuff with normal attack on their body.

Those kinds of gameplay bring another gaming experience for the action MMORPG players. Moreover, the chance to get unusual items is promising in this beta test. Perhaps, this is one of the marketing strategies from Capcom and Tencent Games in order to attract more players to play the game obviously. Although there is no new gameplay, this game is very worthy to played or tested by action gamers because the monsters are unique and attractive. You won’t be bored with the 3D graphics which offered by Capcom on the Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation game.