Pokemon Go Hack Pros And Cons for All Pokemon Trainers

Pokemon Go

There are some Pokemon Go hack pros and cons that spread out within Pokemon trainers (players) these days. We will talk about them in this special article. For your information, people are still trying to find the hack or the trick that works for Pokemon Go recently. Some of them may still work until now but others do not work any longer after the update. This article does not try to give a hoax hack by the way. We just want to share some information that relevant with our topic today. IF you found that those hacks do not work anymore, it means that the developer has fixed the glitches or bugs properly.

Catch the Ball Again

The first Pokemon Go hack pros and cons today are related with the tool to catch Pokemon. Yes, we are talking about Poke Ball. Some sites have explained that we can catch the Poke Ball which was failed to catch the Pokemon. To do this, we just have to tap once again on the thrown ball as quick as possible. This hack becomes pros and cons these days since many trainers cannot do it anymore now. Some players still believe this hack is still working and they still try to catch the failed Poke Ball right before it disappears on the screen. Meanwhile, others believe that this hack is just a glitch and Niantic has fixed this hack recently so that it does work anymore right now.


This cute Pokemon becomes our next Pokemon Go hack pros and cons for today. Did you know that Eevee has random evolution when it is evolving? It can be Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon. But, we can choose what evolution of our eevee as we wish. The hack starts when you rename your eevee right before you want to evolve it. The nickname should be one of these three; Sparky, Rainer or Pyro. As we can see, each name represents the evolution of Eevee. For example, Sparky refers to  Jolteon who has sparky body with its electrics. Meanwhile, Pyro refers to Flareon who has fire color on its body. Lastly, Rainer refers to Vaporeon which is water type Pokemon. After you renamed your Eevee, just restart the game and then evolve it. In the end, your eevee will evolve as you wish.

Pokemon Go Hack Pros And Cons Conclusion

Now, that is all for today. Those hacks are still debatable whether they still work or not. We just need to try them now before those Pokemon Go hack pros and cons being fixed by Niantic.