XCOM 2 Story Line Offers More Offensive Game


The XCOM 2 story line will be more offensive than the 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The basic of the games is still about the fight for humanity survival. We should train our soldiers very well before we drop them in the battle. It’s very important for you to be serious in playing this game because the humanity faith laid in your hand. You cannot fail in your survival against the Advent, the aliens that ruined the earth for 20 years. Forget about the previous game that was focused in defending. In XCOM 2, you be more offensive and aggressive to destroy the enemy.

You will find many new formulas in XCOM 2 story line. Before you encounter the alien face to face in battle, you should build your army, find new technologies that will be used by your army in the missions. The focus of the mission is about sabotaging the Advent’s operation. You will not focus on destroying and killing the aliens. You need to hijack their supply trains and also sabotage their communication to make sure that their plan to destroy human is fail. In every mission, you will feel that the gameplay and the narrative story line tie in such amazing way that make every mission is so important and critical.

The main mission in XCOM 2 is very different from the previous version of the game. You have to sneak into the enemy or attack their patrols. XCOM 2 story line offers new procedural map and objective generation each time you leave the dropship. You should defend your rooftops and sneak in many different ways for each campaign. The dynamic mission in this game will make sure that you will not bored when playing this game. When playing this game, you will get under pressure feeling because you have limited time to finish each mission before the aliens get escaped. There are many things to be considered when you have to finish the mission and keep your squad alive.

It can be said that XCOM 2 is a war game, but it’s also a strategy game. The XCOM 2 story line need your critical thinking in building your army, making the strategy and completing the mission. As a new AAA game, you will find the visual of this game is amazing. The sound is also great. You can feel the atmosphere of real aliens’ battle through the sound. You should focus to able to finish XCOM 2 story line successfully.